Support and Consults for other Professionals

"When you "NEED IT DONE" and the people matter ... call Birchall Consulting!"

Read below to learn how working with Birchall Consulting will help your specific profession.

Elaine works collaboratively with the following professionals providing de-cluttering services where hoarding is present. Her experience and expertise dealing with people who hoard, their families, and service providers will simplify your work leaving you free to use your expertise to maximize profits.

  • Sorting
  • De-cluttering
  • Hauling & removing
  • Cleaning
  • Packing
  • Referrals to elite level competitively priced additional services, i.e. carpentry, ceramic and hardwood installation


One of the hardest and most disruptive aspects of listing and selling a property for its optimal value is getting clients to transition their relationship to their house from "Home/Nest" to "Home/ Asset".

The failure to do this effectively results in numerous unproductive situations:

  • Unwillingness/ Inability to "let go" and detach from what has been their Home
  • Excessively cluttered rooms despite the belief that excess has been addressed
  • Highly personal spaces
  • Poorly defined use of space and traffic flow
  • Desirable features being lost by "personalized" decorating
  • Failure to fully understand the need and merits of keeping the property in SHOWCASE condition
  • Passive behaviours which impede access and availability to "Show and Market the Property"

Elaine Birchall has significant first-hand and professional experience buying, selling, and preparing properties for sale and facilitating full-value offers.

Elaine has a wealth of skill and experience supporting people in difficult life transitions. Her compassion, warmth, and strategies promote a willingness to "Let Go" and be OK with it. This translates to your client being better able to work effectively with you and accept your recommendations with a minimum effort on your part.

Decorators and Stagers

Working collaboratively with you and our mutual client, I can ensure that your professional suggestions are carried out as the plan recommended. I can save you and our client time, money and frustration assisting with "sourcing" because I have the time and connections to obtain required items most economically. This leaves a higher proportion of the budget for upgrades. The BIRCHALL IMPLEMENTATION TEAM has member businesses known for their professionalism and integrity offering competitive rates and guaranteed premium results.

Renovators, Estate Executors, Insurance Brokers, Property Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Home Appraisers, and Mortgage Brokers

When accumulation in a premises needs to be remedied sometimes with an imminent deadline, Elaine Birchall of Birchall Consulting is the person other professionals call to teach them how to do it effectively, compassionately and respectfully.

She has more than eight years experience working with the most challenging situations and the most resistant consumers.