Hoarding Level II

This intensive one-day workshop which has been consistently evaluated as "AMAZING" is for groups who have completed Hoarding Level I and have a desire to better understand and master specific skills.

Both intervention and treatment models are available. Training material can be adapted to meet your intervention requirements.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of those who hoard
  • Deeper understanding of hoarding behaviour
  • Axis 1 and Axis 2 disorders and their potential relationship to hoarding
  • A comparison of best-source hoarding research and more effective intervention styles and strategies
  • Hoarding and special needs groups
  • Understanding the process of hoarding
  • Hoarding and distorted beliefs
  • Mandated and non-mandated interventions with and without insight
  • Supporting change behaviour
  • Comparing differing counseling models (cognitive behavioural, neuro-lingustic programming, brief therapy)
  • Preventing relapse
  • Tools to serve you and your client better
  • Building partnerships
  • Coalition building (optional but recommended)
  • Tools to give you a two-year "leg-up" on building a local coalition for more effective collaboration