What others say...

"As a husband of a hoarder, as a father of a daughter and a son that experienced a mother that went from fairly normal behavior to a fearful hoarder that felt misunderstood. Your Spotify interview rang true and gave me hope. I'll be encouraging my wife of 32 yrs to listen to it as well. I'll be examining your website.and I want to encourage you to continue your calling. As I hear, feel, and understand your counsel, I say that you have insight, empathy, and understanding, that seemingly bridges the gap that I've experienced in this challenging disability."

Tom S., clients of Elaine Birchall, Ontario, Canada

"Clutter was making our home unhappy, our marriage unhappy, and our family unhappy. We didn't own stuff, stuff owned us; stuff was holding us hostage. Elaine's strategies have helped us take charge of the clutter and take charge of our lives."

J and C R., clients of Elaine Birchall, Ontario, Canada

"Birchall's compassionate and commonsense approach to decluttering continues to factor into everything we do when supporting people whose lives have been impacted by hoarding."

Rheanon Funnell, Housing Services, Canadian Mental Health Association

"Birchall provides pragmatic tools for managing and overcoming challenges of hoarding while debunking myths. Learn how this disorder is impacting people worldwide, perhaps even your neighbour next door."

Camille Nash, VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network