Working With Procrastination


Procrastination is a greatly misunderstood behaviour choice. It’s usually thought to be simply ‘putting off’ doing something

When procrastination happens repeatedly it is more likely being done to avoid something even worse than the blame and self-recrimination the procrastinator receives. Understanding what the underlying causes are is the first step. The next step is following the practical steps, outlined in the workshop, in order to develop a plan to overcome the procrastination.

The Working with Procrastination workshop is designed for anyone working or living with individuals who consistently:

  • fail to finish projects
  • fail to meet deadlines
  • consistently just manage to meet deadlines by last minute “binge” work effort



  1. Working with Procrastination:
  2. Definition
    • What are the variables?
    • What is Procrastination?
    • Why Do We Procrastinate?
  3. Paths to Procrastination (why you?)
    • Procrastination and your body
    • Procrastination and your brain
    • Interpersonal roots
  4. The procrastinator’s code
    • Explanation of code
  5. Procrastinator’s beliefs
    • Procrastinator’s mantras
    • Procrastinator’s fears
    • Procrastinator’s self esteem
    • The procrastinator’s trap (errors)
  6. The perfectionist
    • Types of procrastination
  7. Healthy balance
    • Dealing with less stress than you wanted
    • Fear of success
    • Reasons to avoid success
    • Consequences (internal and external)
  8. Moving Forward
    • Taking a Personal Inventory
    • Paths – your relationship with time
  9. Moving forward – next steps
    • Setting and reaching goals
    • Decision time, After thoughts, Reaction
    • Long – term trap
  10. Moving forward promise/ Reality
    • Procrastination and executive dysfunction
    • Impact of culture on procrastination
    • Living and working with procrastination
    • Freedom from the procrastinator’s code
    • Step by Step Strategies to overcoming Procrastination
  11. Getting to Change