Meet Elaine

Elaine Birchall holds a graduate degree (Masters of Social Work) from St. Patrick's College, Ottawa, Ontario, an institution with a long and honoured reputation of commitment to community.

A registered social worker with many years of experience, Elaine has dedicated her life to counselling individuals through difficult transitions in their lives.

Through her professional training and tenure with the first Canadian Hoarding Coalition, Elaine has developed specialized expertise on hoarding behaviour, including an extensive broad based network of community support and services.

Elaine is also the founding force behind the Canadian National Hoarding Coalition, which she led for two years. She is currently developing an Ontario wide Hoarding support initiative, tentatively titled “Ontario Roundtable on Hoarding.

The Birchall Consulting Team

Elaine heads a team of specially recruited and trained hoarding-aware individuals. They have been selected for their ability to be discrete, non-judgemental, honest, personable, and respectful of you and the things you value in your life. No matter how difficult the work or the conditions under which it is must be done, our clients have consistently felt respected, valued, and listened to throughout. Birchall Consulting provides assistance in both hoarding and non-hoarding situations. Elaine and her team have a reputation for providing the highest standard of performance combined with very competitive fees. Counseling fees are often covered, at least in part, by extended health benefits. Elaine is committed to research-based practice in all aspects of her work; she is a strong advocate of Dr. Frost and Dr. Steketee's body of work and recommends their research, strategies, and written materials along with her own, based on her experience as a practitioner and workshop developer.


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Our Promise To You

To support and guide you to de-clutter with respect and understanding for you and the things you value.