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Hear what clients say about Elaine and Birchall Consulting

"Today's episode has been very helpful. Thanks!"

- L  

"Sometimes I can't join live but I always check in with the posted podcasts."


"Thank you for the tremendous kindness you have shown by creating this podcast."


"Your Wednesday morning podcasts are SO very helpful to me. I greatly appreciate all of your expertise and all of the information that you share!! As well as your gentle and compassionate approach! Last week you had Shawn Leonard as a guest speaker. I truly appreciate you inviting Shawn to be on your zoom call! I appreciated his honesty, humility, sense of humour and insights!"


"Your Ebook has arrived and I relate. I'm looking forward to reading your book and joining your podcast. I think one of your Youtube videos popped up as a suggestion when I was exploring the topic of hoarding, and I resonate with it...thank you for sharing so much with those of us who truly need you"


"Thank you enormously for the many enlightening gifts you have helped me find within myself. You are a treasure!"


"Thank you so much Elaine for today, it was very helpful:)"

- AR

"Today has been an especially moving session, thank you"

- J

"You're so wise Elaine. It's on ourselves to take responsibility for our own joy, peace, fulfillment"

- L.K

"You hit so many of my vulnerabilities in this session. I was squirming the entire time. Thank you so much for everything you do to help us."

- L.A

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