About Workshops and Training

Training and workshops are available for both professional responders and individuals who hoard. One and two-day workshops are available, and we are happy to tailor our material to your mandate and organizational needs. In addition, you can inform us about your special challenges and training needs, and we can design a workshop to meet them.

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Effective Assessment in Hoarding Situations

This workshop deals with effective short and long-term assessments in hoarding situations. The material is based on psychological, environmental, and risk factors as the fundamental basis for conceptual model development.

Effective Communication in Hoarding Situations

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Working With Procrastination

Procrastination is a greatly misunderstood behaviour choice. It’s usually thought to be simply ‘putting off’ doing something When procrastination happens repeatedly it is more likely being done to avoid something even worse than the blame and self-recrimination the procrastinator receives. Understanding what the underlying causes are is the first step. The next step is following the practical steps, outlined in the workshop, in order to develop a plan to overcome the procrastination.