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Our Services

Elaine Birchall and the team at Birchall Consulting is pleased to offer a family of services to help you with any and all issues surrounding hoarding behaviour.

From assessments and consultations, to training and mentoring, our team is there to provide help and support in a safe and confidential manner.


Industry Accepted Hoarding assessment tools are used to assess impairment to the person hoarding, pets and others living in or using the hoarded spaces.

We can also perform room-by-room assessments of nature, severity, and risk of the hoarded spaces.

Additionally, we can provide client assessments of the underlying factors supporting the hoarding behaviours.

If required, a written report with resolution recommendations is also available (for an additional fee).


Individual counselling is available for those who hoard, and those affected by hoarders.

Counselling and de-cluttering is conducted in the location or locations where the hoarding situations exist.

Our work proceeds at your pace, respecting you and your right to decide about your possessions and life choices.

Our role at Birchall Consulting is to coach and support you to reach your personal goals.

We genuinely respect you and the things you hold dear, while working at your pace, and always encouraging, and motivating you forward.

Counselling can be conducted either in person, or remotely by phone, or by computer using Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Emergency Clean Ups

It's important to note that intensive emergency clean-ups are a short-term solution.

They can be very destabilizing to the resident, even when it happens at their request.

Mental and/or physical health crises are a not uncommon side effect of emergency clean-ups.

For this reason, Birchall Consulting provides this service as a last-resort option, and never without two or three counselling sessions beforehand.

If you believe you need an emergency clean-up, please contact us to discuss the situation.

Media Interview

Elaine Birchall is available for media interviews, and has frequently been asked to share her points of view and expertise on local as well as national network programs.

If you would to inquire about Elaine's availability, please contact us.


Case conferencing, coaching, mentoring and supervision are available in person, and remotely by phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

During these mentoring sessions, Elaine shares her extensive experience and advises a range of tools, options, and approaches on a case-by-case basis with your hoarding response team.

Please contact us for further details.

Subject Matter Expert

Elaine Birchall, MSW, RSW, is considered a subject matter expert on hoarding behaviour in Canada with demonstrated leadership on hoarding treatment, intervention and community coalition building.

She is available to assess and offer expert opinions on topics related to hoarding disorder.

Comprehensive written reports can be made available upon request.

Please contact us for further details.


We understand the stress and burden hoarding causes the person themselves, those who love them and professionals working with people who hoard.

We are happy to discuss your situation and see how we may help you, and schedule an in-person consultation and assessment with Elaine.

The scheduling of consults is subject to Elaine's existing counselling schedule.

Clutter Coaching

When sufficient insight and understanding of hoarding behaviour begins to develop, progress with the "hands-on" tasks of de-cluttering and re-organizing can be greatly advanced by working with a Birchall Consulting Clutter Coach.

Clutter Coaching is often best as you approach the maintenance phase.

Keynote Speaker Addresses

Unknowingly, many organizations deal with people who hoard as well as the personal and community risks associated with hoarding.

At your next conference, give your organization and community partners the language and information necessary to identify potential hidden hoarding situations as well as strategies and tools to begin dealing with hoarding to create successful outcomes and win-win solutions.

For Professionals

"When you "NEED IT DONE" and the people matter ... call Birchall Consulting!"

Elaine works collaboratively with the following professionals providing de-cluttering services where hoarding is present. Her experience and expertise dealing with people who hoard, their families, and service providers will simplify your work leaving you free to use your expertise to maximize profits.

Public Presentations

If your organization would like to include expert research-based information on the emerging issue of hoarding disorder, Elaine will produce and present the most current information available tailored to your mandate and needs.

Please contact us for further details.