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Hoarding Quiz:
Are you a Hoarder in the making?

 ( Please click here for a .PDF version of the Quiz )

  1. Because of the number of possessions you have, how difficult is it to use the rooms in your Home?

  2. How upsetting is it for you to have your home in its current condition?

  3. How upsetting or concerning is it for others to have the home in its current condition?

  4. Have other people or agencies tried to intervene (offer to help you tidy up) because of the clutter?

  5. How difficult or distressing is it for you to get rid of things?

  6. How often have you spent money you don’t really have because you saw something and “just had to have it.”


Rating Scale
0 = Not at all; 2 = mild; 4 = moderate; 6= severe; 8= extreme

If you answered above 2 to questions 1, 4, or 5, assess your situation and ask for feedback from someone you trust who knows you and ask for help accordingly. If you answered 2, keep an eye on your situation, as these questions are red flags.

If you answered 4 or higher to questions 2, 3, or 6, ask for feedback from a trusted friend who knows you and search within yourself for the reasons and your ability to tackle the problems yourself. If you have tried unsuccessfully numerous times, seek help to manage what may develop into a more serious problem.

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