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Meet Elaine

Hoarding Behaviour and Intervention Specialist,

Counselling and Clutter Coach, Subject Area Expert Opinion, Podcaster, Radio Host, Educator, Clinical Supervision.

Elaine Birchall holds a graduate degree (Masters of Social Work) from St. Patrick's College, Ottawa, Ontario, an institution with a long and honoured reputation of commitment to community.

A registered social worker with many years of experience, Elaine has dedicated her life to counselling individuals through difficult transitions in their lives.

Through her professional training and tenure with the first Canadian Hoarding Coalition, Elaine has developed specialized expertise on hoarding behaviour, including an extensive broad based network of community support and services.

Elaine is also the founding force behind the Canadian National Hoarding Coalition, which she led for two years. 


What We Specialize In

From assessments and consultations, to training and mentoring, our team is there to provide help and support in a safe and confidential manner.


Counselling & Clutter Coaching

Intensive Clean

Up Support

Education & Training

Subject Matter Expertise

Are You A Hoarder In The Making?


Conquer The Clutter

Strategies to Identify, Manage, and Overcome Hoarding

The most comprehensive work about hoarding on the market, Conquer the Clutter discusses special populations who are not often singled out, such as the disabled and the elderly, and includes numerous worksheets to assist individuals in determining the scope of their hoarding disorder and tackling the problem. Over 40 pages of additional resources are available online at

Elaine Book_edited.png

"I read this so I could help someone with their clutter. Very informative and also equally interesting. Even for myself, I found that the information was useful to help with decision-making. I don't see a lot of resources online for hoarding and clutter so it's nice to be able to have a handbook to refer to whenever I need it. There is even some extra downloadable material/exercises online. Great book!"

- Nana

"Hoarding touches many people, the authors has provided a guide to help individuals regain control over their lives, by providing information, to help people change their relationship to their "stuff". The book has many great tools and resources woven throughout the chapters and it also includes access to additional online resources. I like how the authors presented the material in an accessible way, making information easy to digest. It is clear to see from the case examples the importance of both individualized therapy along with the support to clean up. Thanks for sharing your many years of experience working with people who hoard."

- Kristina

"This book has great potential to assist and educate people who work in the social services community. It is well written with useful tools and tables to assess clients and support change. I can see it becoming a textbook for students and an excellent resource for those already working in the field."

- Kathy


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